How to Pickup a Downed Bike

OK, so you stopped for a cool drink at this little country store out in the middle
of the boondocks.. When you come back out you see your 800lbs of steel and
rubber laying on it's side and there is no one around to help.

100_0853.jpg (74043 bytes)
Question: How do you get it back upright?

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With one hand get a firm grip on the lowest hand grip.

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Squat down, with legs shoulder width apart and place your butt against the seat.
Now with the other hand get a firm grip under the rear of the seat.

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Lift by taking small steps backwards. Keep back straight,  lift with your legs.

100_0859.jpg (75992 bytes)
Continue this motion until the bike is once again upright.

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Once the bike is upright, don't forget the Kick stand or you
may find yourself doing it again!