LOH Motorcycling Memories Contest

There was a time when a woman riding a motorcycle was looked at with scorn.  Thankfully, those days are long gone- thanks, in large part, to the many women who ride their own Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  We celebrate those women with the Ladies of Harley (LOH)- and encourage them to share their stories with the LOH motorcycling Memories Contest.

(You must be an active full, full life, associate, or associate life member of H.O.G. to be affiliated with Ladies of Harley.  Although LOH is free of charge, this benefit is not automatic.  If you would like to join, update your membership profile to include LOH.

If you have a great story to tell (everyone does, even if they don’t realize it), put your words to paper and send them in, along with a quality color photo of you and your bike.  You may find yourself appearing in The Enthusiast magazine and on the website- and clutching a $500.00 H.O.G. gift certificate.